The Knicks’ wild LeBron James recruitment video surfaces

The New York Knicks pulled out all the stops in their failed 2010 bid to sign LeBron James. 

A long-rumoured recruitment video has finally surfaced, and it’s even more bizarre than imagined.

The video features a wild array of New York figures. 

It opens with a skit starring “The Sopranos” characters Tony and Carmela Soprano, who are now in witness protection and pitch LeBron on living in Madison Square Garden itself! Donald Trump even delivers a brief pitch about New York being the place for winners.

The star-studded cast continues, including sports legends like Walt “Clyde” Frazier and Mark Messier, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, former mayors, and even disgraced figures like Harvey Weinstein.

The Knicks’ desperate attempt to lure LeBron is a wild snapshot of a bygone era in both sports and pop culture.


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