Savannah Chrisley on keeping her relationship ‘private’ with Robert Shiver: ‘Deserves respect’

Savannah Chrisley on keeping her relationship private with Robert Shiver
Savannah Chrisley on keeping her relationship ‘private’ with Robert Shiver

Savannah Chrisley explained her reasons for keeping her romance a secret.

The former cast member of Chrisley Knows Best discussed protecting her privacy over her relationship with Robert Shiver on the most recent episode of her podcast Unlocked.

The 26-year-old podcaster explained she’s “kept [the relationship] quiet because it deserves that respect,” adding that there are “also kids involved that deserve that respect.”

Last September, Chrisley shared with People magazine that she is dating a former footballer.

Regarding recent images of herself with the 38-year-old Shiver, Chrisley mentioned that there have been rumours that she “called paparazzi” on herself, a claim that Shiver has adamantly refuted.

She said she thought the pictures were taken “with ill intention” to “make [her] look like [she’s] this money-hungry gold digging, you know, whatever that’s trying to take someone’s kids.”

“Not me in the slightest,” she said. “And if I’m in a relationship with someone, it’s because I love that person.”

“I respect them. I respect what they stand for,” added Chrisley. “I respect the human being that they are; [it] has nothing to do with their finances.”

Chrisley also disclosed that Shiver has three children, which is why she has kept the relationship quiet.

“When it comes to kids, kids are the most innocent, amazing gifts to any human being known to man.”

“And I will never not show up for a child, so if a child is asking me to show up for them, I won’t even think twice about it,” she continued. “Like there will never be a time where I refuse to show up for a child. Whether that’s physically, emotionally, psychologically, monetarily, whatever it is, I will always show up.”

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