Prince Harry ’embarassed’ as ‘hypocritical’ attacks on royal family backfire


Prince Harry slammed for double standards as he awaits royal embarassment
Prince Harry slammed for double standards as he awaits royal embarassment

Prince Harry could have set himself up for a row of embarrassment by his explicit admissions in his memoir, Spare.

Speaking to The Sun, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams launches at the duke and his wife Meghan Markle for their unperturbed display of “double standards” since leaving the royal family.

For the unversed, Harry has been in a legal battle with a conservative US think tank, who are demanding his visa application to be made public in a bid to see if he lied about his drug use.

The youngest son of King Charles boasted about consuming multiple forms of drugs on several occasions, including cocaine in his memoir, released last year.

The royal expert shared: “The fact of the matter is that it will be very embarrassing, or may be very embarrassing.

“Harry may have included drug use on his application form. If he hasn’t, it will unquestionably make headlines, and that will not be beneficial so far as the Sussexes are concerned.

“I don’t think Harry would have written his memoir Spare now, because there’s evidence that the Sussexes have, in fact, beefed up the communications team,” continued Richard.

“What we are facing, however, is a possibility of very considerable embarrassment for the Sussexes, that they’re made to look foolish, and the reasons for this, of course, are the attacks they’ve launched on the Royal family.

“And the fact that if you attack an institution, supporters of that institution, or those who believe that you’ve been very unwise and very foolish, believe that there are double standards,” he added.


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