Gordon Ramsay and Guy Fieri swap styles in hilarious ‘Freaky Friday’ stunt at Hell’s Kitchen

In a delightful twist at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, the famed chefs Gordon Ramsay and Guy Fieri swapped their signature styles, much to the amusement of their followers. 

Sharing the fun on Instagram last Friday, the duo posed in front of the iconic “Hell’s Kitchen” sign, each donning the other’s well-known attire.

Guy Fieri, known for his vibrant chef wear, took a more serious pose, wearing a chef jacket and crossing his arms, channeling Ramsay’s stern demeanor. 

Conversely, Gordon Ramsay sported Fieri’s trademark sunglasses and silver jewelry, including a striking skull silver chain, all while holding a plate of his famous Beef Wellington. 

Ramsay’s pose was lighter, featuring a soft smile and a “rock on” gesture, showcasing Fieri’s laid-back vibe. Adding to the fun, Ramsay captioned the post, “It’s Freaky Friday at @hellskitchen !!!” 

Ramsay’s daughter Holly also chimed in humorously, questioning her father’s unusual outfit choice.

The playful post stirred fan engagement with comments highlighting the amusing role reversal. One fan noted the unexpected look of the “mayor of flavortown,” while another fantasized about the culinary delights the duo could whip up together.

Outside his culinary antics, Ramsay enjoys family time and small getaways with his wife Tana and their six children. 

The couple values these moments to maintain their connection amidst a busy family life. “We have a little time, but it’s quality, and so that is really important,” Ramsay revealed in a recent interview with PEOPLE, emphasizing the significance of “date nights.”

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