Prince Harry apologises to Prince William for King Charles?

Prince William will forgive and forget Harrys claims to fulfil his late mother Princess Dianas wish
Prince William will forgive and forget Harry’s claims to fulfil his late mother Princess Diana’s wish

Prince Harry – who’s expected to return to the UK in May – has decided to take major step to make his cancer-stricken dad King Charles and sister-in-law Princess Kate happy, according to a new report.

The Duke of Sussex has made his mind for crunch talks with Prince William as the monarch ‘wants his feuding sons to reconcile’ in his life.

Some royal authors and historians believe that the Duke has already apologised  to The Prince of Wales when he contacted him after knowing about Kate’s cancer diagnosis as they were at loggerheads since the release of Harry’s ‘Spare’.

Future King William is also said to be ready to forgive and forget Harry’s claims to fulfil his late mother Princess Diana’s wish who always wanted her sons to stay united in all circumstances.

The Duke of Sussex, during his Invictus Games event next month, could meet his father and brother to ease ongoing tension.

Former royal butler Harrold claimed: “It is very likely that Harry and William will see each other next month and anything is possible. The King will want the brothers to patch things up so it’s more than likely that he could play peacemaker.”

Harrold continued: “He may get everyone together for a dinner or reception but it does depend on all their diaries. Family means everything to the King, like his mother and one of his top priorities will be to ensure that this family rift is healed.”

However, the Duchess of Sussex, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet willi not accompany the Duke to the UK due to security fears as Harry has lost a court case over his police protection in the country.

Harry, who met with the King in February following Charles’s cancer diagnosis, did not see the Prince or Princess of Wales during his visit. But, now he’ seems to do everything for his father to ease his suffering.

The former butler also shared his knowledge about the King’s future trip in talks with Slingo, saying: “In terms of his planned trip to Australia later in the year, if he can I have no doubt that he will be on that trip. Like the late Queen, he puts duty above everything but he will still be careful.”

King Charles and Queen Camilla are said to be preparing to visit to Australia and New Zealand in October 2024 around the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Samoa.

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