Emma Roberts reveals her massive doll collection, featuring “drunk cowgirl Barbie”

Emma Roberts recently showed off her Los Angeles house, which she described as a “grown-up dollhouse.”

The “Nerve” actor was particularly excited to showcase her “Doll Wall” in the video with Architectural Digest, released on April 16th.

“I’m madly obsessed with them, in love with them,” Roberts said about her vintage “dollykins.” 

Courtesy: Architectural Digest on YouTube

Another addition to her unique collection was “drunk cowgirl Barbie,” about whom the “Scream Queens” actor exclaims, “I thought that she didn’t really exist and she was a joke, but it turns out she does exist!

Courtesy: Architectural Digest on YouTube

“And she’s just amazing. Like, look at her,” Roberts continued. “She’s fabulous. She’s having the time of her life!”

She later revealed that her current boyfriend, Cody John, gave her another collector’s doll – Leggy Jill – as a birthday gift, “I was looking for Leggy Jill for over a year, and then my boyfriend surprised me with her.”

Courtesy: Architectural Digest on YouTube

The 33-year-old also revealed a prized possession she decided to take back from an ex-boyfriend: Charles Portis’ classic novel, “Norwood.”

She confessed, “This is a book I actually gave as a gift to my ex. But then we broke up and I saw how much it was worth and I kept it.”

Though Roberts didn’t name its price, Abebooks – a subsidiary of Amazon – is selling a used copy for $3360!

Courtesy: Architectural Digest on YouTube

Roberts, who has previously dated Alex Pettyfer, Evan Peters, and Garrett Hedlund, chose not to disclose who she initially purchased the book for.

The actor also opened up about moving into a new house with her 3-year-old son, Rhodes, whom she shares with her ex Garrett, “When we were moving in, it was just me and my son. 

“And so I was just like, ‘I want this to be our house that is just our style and filled with our memories and our love.'” 


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