Meghan Markle faces ‘ultimate betrayal’ from loved one in fresh row

Meghan Markle subjected to vile attacks from brother in fresh row
Meghan Markle subjected to vile attacks from brother in fresh row 

Meghan Markle’s brother landed under water among royal experts after uploading a series of videos mocking the duchess online.

Thomas Markle Jr has been receiving cash tips from his followers on YouTube in exchange of hurling vile slurs against his half-sister.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond decried the attacks in an opinion piece for The Mirror, calling for the streaming platform to take action.

“Thomas Jnr is clearly eaten up with jealousy over his half-sister’s fame and fortune and is trying to profit by prostituting himself on YouTube,” she claimed.

“To have your own flesh and blood lead the assault must feel like the ultimate betrayal for Meghan,” the royal expert lamented.

Jennie went on to compare the ordeal to that of Kate Middleton, who was recently subjected to wild conspiracy theories about her health in the wake of her prolonged public absence since the beginning of the year.

“Have we learned nothing from the way Diana was treated 30 years ago?” she wondered, adding: “Meghan and Catherine must feel similarly abused by the internet trolls who attack them.”

In his messages directly addressed to the duchess, Thomas branded Meghan “an old hag”, referring to her as a “demon reptile snake… with a black, evil soul” among other vile things. 

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