Kate McCinnon’s SNL ‘Close Encounter’ sketch alongside Ryan Gosling: Watch

Ryan Gosling recently returned to SNL this week alongside his Barbie co-star Kate McKinnon

Ryan Gosling recently returned to SNL this week alongside his Barbie co-star Kate McKinnon, reviving their most popular sketch Close Encounter.

The sketch recounts their various experiences around aliens and a spaceship.

Speaking of the original sketch that debuted eight years ago, featuring Gosling, McKinnon, and Cecily Strong, the actor pulled off the same on his second time hosting six years ago.

However, the Barbie actor, who is known for playing Ken, attempted to get through McKinnon’s bit without falling apart, every time he failed.

Playing NSA investigators, Day told Gosling, McKinnon, and Sarah Sherman: “Now you’re all here because you’ve experienced a verified alien abduction.”

Meanwhile, the camera pointed towards the trio, with the crowd inside Studio 8H going gaga as a familiar scene was set for them to witness.

McKinnon sported her character Colleen’s trademark jeans, topped off with a brown wig as well as a cigarette.

Sherman expressed his sentiment, admitting: “It was wild.”

While Gosling added to his statement, noting: “One second, we’re three friends on a camping trip and the next, we’re citizens of the stars. And sir, before we begin, can I say something? I’m just realizing that I was wearing the same outfit last time I was here.”

On the verge of breaking, Gosling further added: “I just want you to know I do have other clothes.”

McKinnon went on to discuss her time on the ship, with Sherman and Gosling further continuing the conversation about aliens.

For the unversed, Chris Stapleton appeared as a musical episode on the show, with Gosling being the host.

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