Who is Sam Frank? Streamer N3on’s girlfriend detained with him in the UAE

After Rangesh Mutama – famously known as N3on – and his girlfriend, Sam Frank were arrested in Dubai last week, the internet has been abuzz with controversies surrounding the couple.

The Sun reports that the two had been detained for filming in a public theme park without proper permits during their visit to the bustling city. 

But while N3on is well-known in the streaming world, many are asking the question – who is Sam Frank?

Aged 21, the popular streamer’s girlfriend has carved a niche for herself. Her journey to fame commenced on TikTok, where her engaging lip-sync and dance videos garnered a large following. 

Sam also clinched the title of second runner-up in Miss Philippines USA.

Later, she joined Kick, where she collaborated frequently with N3on. 

At present, Sam has over 35,000 followers on Kick and over 370,000 fans on TikTok.

However, Sam’s ascent to stardom hasn’t been without its fair share of controversies. An altercation with prankster content creator VitalyzdTv made headlines when Sam spat in his face during a live stream, leading to police involvement. 

Despite apologies from Sam, Vitaly pursued legal action.

N3on and Sam’s relationship has also faced public scrutiny, particularly regarding its authenticity. 

Earlier this year, in a podcast titled “No Jumper,” N3on revealed that their relationship started off as fake, “I hated her guts. I hated her voice. I hated the way she ate food. I just hated her. I didn’t like her.”

Though their relationship slowly blossomed over the course of a few months, Allegations of infidelity and ulterior motives reportedly emerged, causing further controversy as well as a rift between N3on and fellow streamer Adin Ross, who accused Sam of dishonesty.

The most recent controversy the couple faces involves posts on X declaring the untimely demise of both N3on and Sam, alleging that they died while under arrest in a Dubai jail.

Courtesy: @HezHQQ on X

Courtesy: @FuckkQuixzix on X

Although these posts lack concrete confirmation and are largely deemed as unfounded rumors, they have nonetheless sparked widespread concern among followers of N3on and Sam. 

The couple have been absent on social media since their reported detention.

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