Quentin Tarantino axed down ‘The Movie Critic’ as last movie

Quentin Tarantinos last project not going to be ‘The Movie Critic’
Quentin Tarantino’s last project not going to be ‘The Movie Critic’

Quentin Tarantino is still planning to retire with a tenth movie to be his last one, but it is not going to be The Movie Critic anymore.

According to Variety, Quentin Tarantino has decided to cancel making the movie.

The Movie Critic would have been Tarantino’s tenth feature movie, but according to insiders, the filmmaker is looking to move onto something new, instead of rewriting the script or reviving the project.

As per earlier sources and reports, the director had casted Brad Pitt in the role of a small-time movie critic who wrote smart reviews for an adult magazine, who was set in 1977.

There were also rumours of Pitt playing the character like his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood character Cliff Booth, who in Tarantino’s adaption of the story was a big movie fan.

Tarantino shared about The Movie Critic addressing a crowd at the Cannes Film Festival last year, saying, “I can’t tell you guys [anything] until you see the movie. I’m tempted to do some of the character’s monologues right now, but I’m not going to. Maybe if there were less video cameras. You just have to wait and see.”

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