Prince William reveals tearful moments with Kate Middleton

Prince William reveals tearful moments with Kate Middleton
Prince William reveals tearful moments with Kate Middleton

Prince William shared his and Kate Middleton’s heartfelt moments as he penned a foreword for a series of guides for military veterans and their loved ones.

The Prince of Wales also described how he and his wife Kate had met many bereaved families by suicide over the years and understood the “power that comes from sharing experiences”.

William’s words suggest as it was very difficult for them to control their emotions after being aware of the ordeal of the families.

The heir to the throne has expressed his and Catherine’s support for families, telling them: “Please know that you are not alone”.

The future King said it was “essential that the voices of those bereaved by suicide are heard”.

In the series, published by Suicide Bereavement UK, William wrote: “There is no time limit to processing grief, but Catherine and I have met many bereaved families over the years and know the power that comes from sharing experiences, even in the most tragic of circumstances.”

King Charles III’s eldest son, who served in the Army with the Blues and Royals and as an RAF search and rescue pilot, also described how the loss of the loved one to suicide can be a complex and long-term experience.

He said he hoped the guides would act as a vital source of guidance and help to those who are processing loss “during what can be dark days of grief”.

“At times of national and international crisis we look to our Armed Forces to provide help, support and stability,” he said. 

“Members of our Armed Forces never shy away from a challenge – harnessing their skills and working together to help others. But in times of great challenge, it can be tempting to hide one’s own needs.”

The prince added: “Few of us will go through our lives without experiencing the loss of someone we love. Thankfully, suicide is rare within the Armed Forces community, but for those bereaved by suicide, this loss can be a complex and long-term experience.

“Often the stigma surrounding suicide can prevent those affected from speaking out and seeking help.”

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