Prince William gets ‘cross’ from this game Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis love

Prince William opens up on Monopoly in the royal household

Monopoly is not a game for royals, especially not for Prince William.

William revealed a game that is his kids Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ favourite but leave him “cross” and the royal family “vicious”.

William once got candid on how much he loves seeing his three children play with their cousins, but confessed his disapproval for one family tradition.

The 41-year-old discussed Monopoly, a Christmas custom of the Royal Family, when talking about family customs at a visit to The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in 2021.

“When I see my children meet up with my cousins’ children, and they all have a wonderful time playing together, it’s very special,” William told Radio Marsden’s Barry Alston.

William further mentioned that the family enjoys playing Risk and Monopoly on Christmas Day, with the latter game frequently making him “cross”, according to MyLondon.

“We love Monopoly and Risk, that’s a good game, it goes on for hours and usually everyone gets really cross because they lose but that’s what I like playing,” he said.

As per the Daily Express, Monopoly had been banned in the royal household by the late Queen Elizabeth after things turned “vicious” between players.

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