Prince Harry flayed by TV star for his latest move: ‘SHUT UP’

Prince Harry needs to shut up
Prince Harry ‘needs to shut up’

Prince Harry has received fresh backlash from an star for allegedly harming the UK taxpayers with his move.

Apprentice star Ryan Mark-Parsons blasted the Duke of Sussex, advising him to ‘reimburse the taxpayer’ in furious rant about eye-watering court costs after losing his UK security case.

The Duke of Sussex has been looking to overturn a decision taken to remove some of his security privileges. 

Harry was ordered to pay 90 per cent of the Home Office’s legal fees after his bid to appeal the decision to remove his right to automatic police protection when he moved abroad.

Mark-Parsons told GB News: “He needs to shut up. He keeps reemerging. He’s this whiny, annoying, ginger freak that needs to go away. He needs to vanish. I think a lot of people would agree with me. We’re always talking about Harry and Meghan Markle.”

“He needs to reimburse the taxpayer”, he said.

“He now faces a bill of up to one million pounds. This is after he took the Home Office to court over not being given the same level of protection when he left the UK in 2020.”

The judge unequivocally threw out the case after saying he “comprehensively lost”. It’s high time we say goodbye to the Duke.

Harry is still able to ask the Court of Appeal directly for the green light to bring an appeal.

Meghan’s hubby Harry, who returned briefly to the UK to meet his ailing father on February 6 without his family, is expected to return to the country in May to attend his Invictus Games event.

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