Mr. Beast transforms remote hospital in Nepal

In a remote Nepalese village where healthcare and electricity are scarce, residents often face harrowing journeys for essential medical care. But thanks to Beast Philanthropy, change has arrived. The charitable arm of the MrBeast channel has renovated and powered a local hospital, bringing life-changing resources to the community.

As MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) explains in the project video, doctors previously performed emergency procedures by flashlight due to a lack of electricity.  In partnership with non-profits GivePower and The Green Program, Beast Philanthropy installed solar panels to power the hospital. They also equipped the facility with “Nyano Nani” infant warmers, developed by local engineer Sanjay. These machines are vital for newborn survival.

The project’s impact is undeniable. Residents no longer need to endure 7-hour treks for basic care. Beast Philanthropy’s support, including the purchase of 10 additional Nyano Nani machines for other health centers, will continue to transform lives in this region.


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