Mike Tyson warns Jake Paul he will be “nasty” for fight

Mike Tyson has warned Jake Paul that the 58-year-old boxing legend is going to be “very irritable and nasty” for his fight against the Youtuber-turned boxer.

In addition to the mandated EKG and EEG exams for Texas boxers over 36 (Tyson is 58), he’s imposing a personal rule: no cannabis.

Speaking to Fox News, Tyson revealed he’ll be abstaining from smoking until after the fight.

“I think I’m going to be very irritable and nasty… Normally I smoke, but for this fight I’m going in raw and focused.”

This self-imposed intensity could be bad news for Paul. A calmer Tyson might have been easier to handle in the ring.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul isn’t fazed by Tyson’s legacy. When asked about the infamous ear-biting incident from Tyson’s 1997 fight against Evander Holyfield, Paul joked, “He can’t bite my ear off if I knock his teeth out first!”

Paul acknowledges the challenge: “He’s bigger and stronger, but I’m faster and fresher.” He sees it as an interesting matchup between experience and youthful agility.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are scheduled to face off in Texas on July 20th. The nature of the bout is yet to be announced.

Jake Paul is pushing for a sanctioned professional fight with “full face shots,” as he declared on Fox News Wednesday night.

He emphasised their request being submitted to the boxing commission, portraying the fight as “an all-out war.”

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson during his own Fox News appearance with Sean Hannityhad said the fight will be an exhibition match.

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