Meghan Markle may not be host in new Netflix show

Meghan Markle on new Netflix Series’ role

Meghan Markle’s role in the upcoming Netflix series is still in question regarding her role.

“We finally have some movement from the Sussexes, and the development could not be more on brand,” Jane Barr addressed the topic in her From Berkshire to Buckingham newsletter.

Barr also reported about the announcement that is “a promise of future activity on the Netflix platform” rather than concerning American Riviera Orchard, which seems to have reached a plateau.

Meghan doesn’t seem to be the host, according to Ms. Barr. This is different from her first podcast, Archetypes, where she introduced the guests before stepping aside.

“, however, seems to think that Meghan will be the principal in her Netflix show, so there is some confusion on what the program will include,” says Ms Barr.

While Meghan Markle’s exact role is still debated, Barr sides with Deadline Hollywood, believing it will “automatically draw a baseline number of eyes” if Meghan were to host the show.

She says, “Netflix must know that, and I would think they’d want her show to include her prominently. We shall see.”

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