Kick streamer N3on resurfaces after Dubai arrest, accepts responsibility for actions

Kick streamer N3on, who was arrested by authorities in Dubai last week, has now returned to streaming.

Rangesh Mutama, who is known as N3on, explained to his audience what happened in Dubai and in a brief 30-minute stream on Kick explained why he was arrested.

“We were filming in an area where we weren’t supposed to film, and it was not a good situation, not a good scenario,” N3on explained.

He emphasized that he does not blame his cameraman, who inadvertently filmed the police, stating, “The real situation was that we accidentally filmed the cops… The idiot filmed the cops, it wasn’t his fault, I don’t blame him, I take full accountability, it was my fault.”

After the incident, N3on mentioned that he fired his security team. He also shared some details about his time in prison, noting that he was there for approximately 37 hours.

 He mentioned that several inmates recognised him from his streams.

“It showed me that actions have consequences… You can’t go around in Dubai, the most safe and respected place ever, and record whatever, thinking you could get away with it.”

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