Kick streamer N3on reportedly faces jail time for filming illegally in Dubai

Streamer Rangesh Mutama, known online as “N3on,” is reportedly facing prison time in Dubai for allegedly filming and live-streaming without proper permits.

N3on and his girlfriend, Sam Frank, were reportedly detained by Dubai police on April 8th, 2024, during an IRL (in real life) stream at the Global Village.

Reports suggest the couple lacked the necessary filming permits for their live stream, leading to their arrest and potential legal action.

This incident follows a pattern of controversy for N3on, who has a history of sparking online drama.

Previously, N3on received a temporary ban from the streaming platform Kick for alleged threats to dox and sexually assault a minor.

Those accusations sparked public outrage and condemnation.

N3on’s latest actions in Dubai may now result in a year-long prison sentence. News of N3on’s potential prison sentence has divided online audiences.

Many criticised N3on for potentially putting himself and his crew at risk. Others questioned his disregard for local regulations, especially considering the streamer’s large audience and influence.

The incident came to light after a clip from N3on’s stream circulated online, showing him being approached by what appeared to be local authorities. The clip cuts short before revealing the outcome of the encounter.

N3on has yet to officially comment on the situation.


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