JUI-F challenges own lawmaker’s election


The JUI has challenged the election of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly member Sadaf Ihsan, elected on the reserved seats of women, in the Supreme Court.

Sadaf had been a provincial assembly member of the JUI.

The party filed a petition in the apex court against the Peshawar High Court’s (PHC) decision regarding the election of Sadaf Ihsan, seeking suspension of the notification for the lawmaker as a member of the K-P Assembly.

The JUI adopted the stance that Sadaf Ihsan’s name was not on the priority list submitted by the party.

It maintained that the name of Sadaf Yasmeen was given on the priority list for reserved seats of women which was submitted to the ECP by the party, adding that Yasmeen did not show her interest in the seat.

The party stated that Sadaf Ihsan obtained Sadaf Yasmeen’s seat with the alleged complicity of some party members. It said when the ECP started inquiry into the matter, Sadaf Ihsan approached the PHC following which the court approved her writ and ordered the issuance of notification for her as a member of the assembly.

The JUI petition stated that the PHC order was against the Constitution and law.

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