Jamie Lee Curtis honors Jodie Foster at hand-and-footprint ceremony

Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, Christopher Guest, stepped out in a rare public appearance to support Jodie Foster at the TCM Classic Film Festival. Foster was honored with a hand-and-footprint ceremony in Hollywood on Friday, April 19.

Curtis, 65, introduced the honoree, praising Foster’s Oscar-winning talent and six-decade career. Her husband, filmmaker Christopher Guest, 76,  sat alongside Foster and her wife, Alexandra Hedison.

During her speech, Curtis highlighted Foster’s diverse talents, intelligence, and commitment to her family.  She also noted their decades-long friendship and shared lighthearted anecdotes about Foster’s love for parades and the Spelling Bee. Curtis concluded by noting the ceremony’s coincidence with Foster and Hedison’s 10th wedding anniversary.

Taking the stage, Foster expressed gratitude for the honor, reflecting on her roots growing up near the iconic location.

Curtis and Guest, known for their private life, have shown consistent support for Foster. Guest attended Foster’s 2022 hand-and-footprint ceremony and the 2023 Oscars, where Curtis won Best Supporting Actress and thanked her “beautiful husband.” The couple, married since 1984, exemplify a strong and enduring bond within the entertainment industry.


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