Jameela Jamil says “20 years of dieting has hurt my bone density”

Jamil, 38, attributed this condition to 20 years of dieting and urged her followers to learn from her experience.

In a social media post shared yesterday, the podcast host revealed, “I have been in a lot of pain lately, and it turns out 20 years of dieting has hurt my bone density.” 

Jamil emphasised the seriousness of the situation, stating, “BONE DENSITY. In my 30s.”

Jamil, known for her activism against diet culture, has previously spoken out about the negative impacts of societal beauty standards.

In a 2019 interview with Forbes, she highlighted the alarming rates of teenage suicide, eating disorders, self-harm, and cosmetic surgery, describing it as an “epidemic of self-hatred” among young people.

She believes it is her “duty” to use her platform responsibly to promote a positive message for young people. 

Addressing her health complications, Jamil explained, “I know people think I’m annoying for going on and on about the harm of not eating enough, but no compliment I have ever received is worth the pain and regret of what happens to your body when you do extreme things for fast results.”

According to Yale Medicine, low bone density can lead to serious medical conditions, including an increased risk of fractures.

People with osteoporosis are at a much greater risk for fractures with little or no trauma, similar to an older person experiencing a hip fracture from a simple fall from a standing position.

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