“It Ends With Us” release postponed again, Blake Lively film now set for August

Fans will have to wait a bit longer for the release of “It Ends With Us” movie.  

Originally slated for February 9th and then June 21st releases, the film starring Blake Lively will now premiere in theaters on August 9th.

Lively (36) stars as Lily Bloom and also serves as an executive producer on the film. Justin Baldoni plays Ryle Kincaid, Lily’s love interest, and also directs the adaptation. Filming faced delays due to the writers’ strike in 2023, but resumed in early 2024.

Baldoni, known for his role in “Jane the Virgin,” and his company Wayfarer Studios optioned the book in 2019. The full cast was confirmed in January 2023.

The film also stars Brandon Sklenar as Atlas Corrigan, Lily’s first love. Alex Neustaedter and Isabela Ferrer play the younger versions of Atlas and Lily, respectively. Jenny Slate joins the cast as Allysa, Ryle’s sister.

The official synopsis reads: “Lily Bloom thinks she’s found the love of her life in Ryle Kincaid. However, after a troubling incident of abuse reminds her of her dark past, she must decide if love alone can carry her marriage through. Further complicating things is the return of her first love into her life: a man who she took in many years prior when he was homeless.”

The casting of Lively and Baldoni sparked some controversy due to their ages being older than the characters in the book. Author Colleen Hoover addressed this in June 2023:

“Back when I wrote It Ends With Us, the new adult (genre) was very popular. You were writing college-age characters. That’s what I was contracted to do. I made Lily very young,” confessing, “I didn’t know that neurosurgeons went to school for 50 years.”

“There’s not a 20-something neurosurgeon,” added the author, 44. “As I started making this movie, I’m like, ‘We need to age them out because I messed up,’ ” she said. “So that’s my fault.”

Don’t miss “It Ends With Us” when it hits theaters on August 9th.

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