Imran urges people to vote on by-polls day


PTI founder Imran Khan’s sisters on Saturday urged the lawyers to come out on by-elections, scheduled for April 21, emphasising the importance of safeguarding the vote and Form-45 and thwart any attempt to rig the elections.

Aleema Khan and Uzam Khan, along with over two dozen accused persons, appeared before the court to attend the proceedings of their pre-arrest bails in connection with an FIR registered against them following the May 9 riots, which included the Jinnah House attack.

The anti-terrorism court judge extended their bail hearings until May 21.

Talking to the media, Aleema Khan relayed a message from the PTI founder, urging the people to approach the upcoming by-elections with the same fervour seen on Feb 8, and remain vigilant in preventing any attempt at rigging the polls.

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