Faith Ordway leaks: Here’s a look at the scandal

Faith Ordway is a TikToker with a following of 5 million, known for posting dance and fitness videos. Recently, she faced an unwarranted violation of privacy when her personal content was leaked online.

The leaked material resulted from Faith's private OnlyFans videos being shared on a public Twitch stream. The paid content is also being shared for free on Reddit.

OnlyFans, as described on Wikipedia, is an internet content subscription service primarily used by adult entertainers. Content on the platform is user-generated and monetized via monthly subscriptions, tips, and pay-per-view.

Although the content circulating online was produced by Faith herself, the unauthorised sharing of the videos is a copyright violation and also illegal in the state of Florida, where she resides.

Faith has since been active on TikTok, posting a behind-the-scenes video of a photoshoot earlier today.


shoot day ^-^
♬ Make Me Wanna (Originally performed by Thomas Rhett) – Instrumental Version – StudiOke


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