Drew Barrymore sets age limit for kids acting until teens

Drew Barrymore reflects on co-parenting experience with ex Will Kopelman.
Drew Barrymore reflects on co-parenting experience with ex Will Kopelman.

Drew Barrymore, the host of The Drew Barrymore Show and a renowned actress and producer, has opened up about her stance on her children, Olive, 11, and Frankie, 10, potentially following in her footsteps in Hollywood. 

Despite occasional inquiries from her daughters about entering the entertainment industry, Barrymore isn’t prepared to give her approval just yet.

Reflecting on her own experience in show business, Barrymore acknowledges the unique opportunities it has afforded her, contrary to the notion that it’s a toxic environment. 

With a family history deeply rooted in acting, she herself started her career at a remarkably young age, landing her first commercial at just 11 months old and later securing iconic roles in films like E.T., Firestarter, and Irreconcilable Differences.

However, Barrymore emphasizes that her personal feelings about the industry don’t necessarily align with the assumption that it’s negative or harmful. 

Despite her success and gratitude for her career, she remains cautious about exposing her children to the spotlight prematurely.

While her children express interest in acting, social media, and singing, Barrymore emphasizes the importance of prioritizing their education and experiences in school plays and theater camps.

The actress acknowledges her inability to provide a specific age or “number” at which her daughters will be permitted to enter the public eye, stating that it will ultimately be a feeling of readiness. 

She stresses the need to listen to her children, support them, and trust their judgment when the time comes.

As a parent, Barrymore expresses her desire to support her children when they’re older but refrains from specifying an exact age. 

However, she suggests that the threshold for entering the entertainment industry will likely be “north of 14, 15.”

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