Courtney Love takes jab at Taylor Swift, ‘Taylor is not important’

Courtney Love has nothing good to say about Taylor Swift, saying that the songstress “is not important” nor “interesting as an artist.”

The Hole singer, 59, said to The Guardian Friday, “Taylor is not important. She might be a safe space for girls, and she’s probably the Madonna of now, but she’s not interesting as an artist.”

The Doll Parts singer, who has been residing in London since 2019, seems to have had second thoughts about Swift, whom she had previously lauded numerous times through her Facebook page.

In a February 29, 2016 post, she even posed between Swift and Royals songstress Lorde, 27, after appearing at the Grammys in Los Angeles.

“Lovely ladies @taylorswift @lordemusic these two win the Oscar for art, talent, voice and astonishing beauty, hands down! #oscars #vanityfair,” Love captioned the post then.

In a December 22, 2021, post, the Malibu artist once more honoured Swift by wishing her a happy belated birthday.

Swift was referred to by the Celebrity Skin performer, who shared a photo of them from the Grammy Awards five years prior, as a “aspirational huge role model for many young women.”

Now this sudden change in opinion can be considered totally uncalled for.

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