Conan O’Brien exposes ultimate talk show with fire

Conan OBrien tries spicy wings at The Hot Ones.
Conan OBrien tries spicy wings at The Hot Ones.

During a guest appearance on the popular YouTube series Hot Ones, veteran talk-show host Conan O’Brien shared insights into the biggest blunder a guest can make on a talk show. 

Known for his comedic prowess, tackled progressively spicier wings while discussing his career and experiences in the entertainment industry. 

O’Brien highlighted a common mistake that can derail an interview. “The worst thing a guest can do is tell the audience it’s not going well,” O’Brien explained, drawing from his wealth of experience. 

He emphasized witnessing this misstep occur multiple times throughout his career, underscoring the importance of maintaining a positive atmosphere during interviews.

He didn’t just brave spicy wings – he dished out some invaluable talk show wisdom.

The seasoned host shared that the worst move a guest can make is openly acknowledging when an interview isn’t going well. 

According to O’Brien, hosts can work their magic to keep the energy high, even if things hit a snag. 

“Audiences want to see a good show and a good interview,” he emphasized, urging guests to trust the process. 

He described the scene when a guest bombs and how it can deflate the entire room. 

But for Conan, show business is about delivering the greatest show possible, not dwelling on the bumps in the road.

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