Coachella crowd left disappointed as Hologram singer fails to appear

Will Hatsune Miku return to holographic form?
Will Hatsune Miku return to holographic form?

Fans eagerly anticipating Hatsune Miku’s performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival were met with disappointment as they discovered a digital glitch: the beloved singer had been reduced to a two-dimensional image. 

Unlike human performers, this transition from three dimensions to two didn’t entail a tragic demise, as Miku exists solely as lines of computer code.

As a Vocaloid, She is an artificial intelligence-driven program developed by the Japanese music software company Crypton in 2007. 

She generates songs that mimic the human voice and is portrayed as a 16-year-old anime girl with knee-length turquoise hair. 

Despite her virtual nature, She has gained immense popularity and has toured worldwide.

Fans were left disappointed during her performance at Coachella, as the beloved hologram was replaced with a simple LED screen displaying a flickering image. 

This departure from her usual holographic appearance did not sit well with attendees.

At her Vancouver concert, fans were shocked to find Miku appearing on a flat screen instead of her expected holographic form. 

This unexpected change sparked outrage among concert-goers, with many demanding refunds for their tickets.

Critics pointed out that attendees who had spent significant amounts, sometimes exceeding $200, expected a more immersive experience from their Vocaloid idol.

The dissatisfaction with the reduced presentation raised questions about the expectations of fans and the future of Hatsune’s performances.

Despite recent disappointments, loyal fans held onto hope for a grander performance at Coachella. 

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