Brazilian influencer Diego Santos drowns, death ruled suspicious

A popular Brazilian influencer and musician, Diego Kaua Oliveira Santos, has tragically died at the age of 20. Santos drowned after falling into Lake Salto Grande in Americana, Brazil, while filming a stunt for his social media followers.  Authorities have deemed his death suspicious and are conducting an investigation.

Santos, who had amassed almost 140,000 followers on Instagram, was known for his music and lifestyle content that often featured cars and women. Earlier on the day of his death, he had promised his fans a live video from the lake.

According to Brazil’s Public Security Secretariat, witnesses, who were also Santos’s friends, attempted to rescue him after he fell into the water but were unsuccessful. The Fire Department was called but could not locate the influencer alive.

Santos’s death has sent shockwaves through his fanbase. His brother, who has since gained access to Santos’s Instagram account, thanked fans for their support and described his brother as a constant source of motivation.

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