Blur’s Damon Albarn had his doubts over performing at Wembley

Blur Frontman Damon Albarn didn’t want to perform during the second Wembley show 2023

Blur frontman Damon Albarn recently revealed that he didn’t want to perform during their second Wembley show last year.

The musician made an announcement in November 2022 about his plans to host a reunion gig at Wembley Stadium for July 8, 2023.

However, due to an overwhelming demand, the reunion turned into something else, a “two-partner,” which was immediately followed by a second show announcement.

The second gig stole the show, going on to become their “best ever” gig, as declared by Albarn himself.

Meanwhile, he revealed that the July 9 show was on the verge of cancellation as Albarn hesitated to perform that night and was trying to find reasons to call it off.

Speaking exclusively to KROQ during Coachella’s opening weekend, Albarn revealed: “I never thought I’d love Wembley. The first night was great, and then the next night, I didn’t want to do another gig. I was trying to find reasons to cancel it.”

“I was sitting in a hotel at Wembley Parks, like a travel lodge or something, and I was watching these people coming in and I was like, ‘Well I can’t cancel that’.”

He further continued: “And it was actually, maybe the best gig in that time that you could ever, ever dream of having. But it was weird, I was really not into going onstage, and then I was on stage and it was very nice to do that.”

Later in the interview, Albarn and Alex James also offered an insight into Blur’s upcoming documentary about their reunion.

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