Blue Lights’ creators offer exciting season 2 update

Blue Lights is set to hit screens on April 15
Blue Lights is set to hit screens on April 15

The creator of Blue Lights recently announced that it is planning to make a comeback to screens starting Monday, April 15.

The co-creator of the Belfast-based police drama Blue referred to the series’ second season as a ‘worthy successor.’

The series, written and co-created by Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn, follows a new cohort of qualified officers, serving their positions in Northern Island.

Blue Lights previously set a record of launching to more than seven million viewers last year, in 2023.

Speaking to BBC News, Lawn said: “There’s a sense that you feel when you come back for a second season that there’s something that people have liked, or even loved.”

“It’s always up to the audiences, you can never take anything for granted,” he added.

Lawn revealed that the latest installment of the series continues to discover the “relentless, grinding daily pressure” of policing in Northern Ireland.

“There’s something about it being here with the particular pressures and dangers they face that make people across the water [Great Britain] intrigued by it,” he concluded.

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