Blake Shelton excitedly opens bar at Las Vegas: ‘Waiting years’

Blake Shelton excitedly opens bar at Las Vegas: Waiting years
Blake Shelton excitedly opens bar at Las Vegas: ‘Waiting years’

Blake Shelton has now officially mesmerised Las Vegas with his magical voice.

On Tuesday night, the renowned country music musician said that his Ole Red pub on the renowned Las Vegas Strip was a “destination for absolute redneck hillbillies” as he took the stage.

“Welcome the grand opening, the official grand opening of Ole Red Las Vegas, y’all,” he happily shouted. “I’ve been waiting a long time to say that. I’ve been waiting years to say that.”

Shelton, 47, was at his best when he mingled with the fans and saluted the crowd with his vodka and Sprite Zero drink. He even mockingly heckled a nondrinking fan.

“This is what we do here. We get on stage and yell at the audience,” he said.

Shelton sang his biggest hits, including God’s Country, Sangria, and Honey Bee, throughout the one-hour show. Even his all-time-hit debut track, Austin, which he released in 2001.

However, he had another surprise up his sleeve when, only a few days after her wildly successful Coachella performance alongside No Doubt, he invited his wife Gwen Stefani to the stage to join him.

“Gwen Stefani, everybody!” he told the deafening crowd. “I don’t know if you all heard it but there’s a thing called Coachella last weekend. Gwen was over at Coachella last weekend, Saturday, flew to Nashville for a wedding, and she’s been a trouper and now she wanted to be here tonight.”

Then, before sharing the stage, the couple hugged each other and sang Happy Anywhere and Nobody But You.

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