Amanda Holden receives message of encouragement from Simon Cowell

.Amanda Holden returns to heart breakfast after backlash.
.Amanda Holden returns to heart breakfast after backlash.

Following Amanda Holden’s response to Sharon Osbourne’s contentious remarks, sources reveal that Simon Cowell, a close friend of Holden, has reached out to offer his support. 

Holden had publicly defended Cowell, prompting Osbourne to criticize her as “ill-informed” and “sycophantic.” 

Amidst the ensuing fallout, he reportedly contacted Holden to express his solidarity. 

A source informed The Sun on Sunday that despite the risk of crossing Sharon’s, Holden remains steadfast in her stance. 

The presenter received an outpouring of support from various well-known personalities, with Simon’s fiancée, Lauren Silverman, reportedly sending a message, as Cowell himself does not have a phone.

Holden is set to resume her duties on the Heart Breakfast show as scheduled on Monday, ahead of the upcoming series of Britain’s Got Talent next weekend. 

A spokesperson for Holden stated to MailOnline on Saturday that while Holden respects Osbourne’s accomplishments, she remains steadfast in supporting those close to her.

She had previously defended Cowell after he faced criticism from Osbourne and Louis Walsh on Celebrity Big Brother. 

Holden expressed her disdain for seeing individuals disparage Cowell, citing his contributions to their careers. 

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