Kate Middleton “most popular royal”

Kate Middleton has become the most favourably regarded royal among the public, according to a recent YouGov survey.

The surge in her popularity comes after the Princess of Wales revealed her battle with cancer.

The announcement had followed a social media frenzy surrounding Kate Middleton’s recent absence from public life.

The survey by UK-based YouGov revealed that 76 percent of Britons express a positive opinion of the Princess of Wales, marking a six-point increase since the beginning of the year. Similarly, Prince William is highly regarded by 73% of the population. 

However, the Prince of Wales receives slightly more negative feedback, with 21% expressing unfavourable views compared to Kate’s 15%.

Princess Anne follows closely behind, with 71% expressing positive sentiments towards her. She also garnered the lowest negative feedback among all royals surveyed, with only 13% holding an unfavourable opinion of the Princess Royal.

King Charles maintains a significant level of popularity, with 63% of respondents viewing him favourably, while 30% have an unfavourable opinion.

Conversely, Prince Harry and Meghan remain unpopular, with only 31% and 26% of respondents expressing positive views towards them, respectively. 

Prince Andrew ranks as the least popular royal, with a mere 6% of Britons holding a positive opinion of the Duke of York, while 86% view him negatively.

Attitudes towards the royals vary by age, with younger Britons generally expressing more negative views. 

However, Prince Harry and Meghan are exceptions, as 18-24 year olds tend to view them more positively than older age groups, albeit still divided in their opinions.

Although the King’s popularity is lower among the youngest generation, the Prince and Princess of Wales remain popular among this demographic. 

Fifty-two percent of 18-24 year olds express a favourable view towards Kate Middleton, while 49% hold a positive opinion of Prince William.

Regarding the monarchy as an institution, 58% of Britons overall hold a positive view, with significant variations across age groups, ranging from 79% among over-65s to 32% among 18-24 year olds.

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